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Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis




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2008 24 10 20.151 View publications
2009 19 4 5.746 View publications
2010 10 7 16.814 View publications
2011 10 6 20.107 View publications
2012 19 9 28.724 View publications
2013 28 15 32.456 View publications
2014 29 15 78.857 View publications
2015 34 14 48.730 View publications
2016 29 17 41.635 View publications
2017 20 12 37.296 View publications
2018 14 4 11.750 View publications
2019 14 9 30.047 View publications
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  2. Senkiv Y., Riabtseva A., Heffeter P., Boiko N., Kowol R.C., Jungwith U., Shlyakhtina Y., Garasevych S.G., Mitina N., Berger W., Zaichenko A., Stoika R. Enhanced anticancer activity and circumvention of resistance mechanisms by novel polymeric/phospholipidic nanocarriers of doxorubicin // J. Biomedical Nanotechnology. – Accepted 28. 10. 2013. – 08.01.2013. – 36 р. (IF=5.256)
  3. Heffeter P., Riabtseva A., Senkiv Y., Kowol R.C., Koerner W., Jungwith U., Mitina N., Keppler B.K., Konstantinova T., Yanchuk I., Stoika R., Zaichenko A., Berger W. Nanoformulation improve sactivity of the (pre)clinival anticancer ruthenium complex KP1019 // J. of Biomedical Nanotechnology, – 2013, V.9, P.: 1-8. (IF=5.256)
  4. Zasońska B. A., Boiko N., Horák D., Klyuchivska O., Macková H., Benes M. J., Babic M., Trchová M., Hromádková J., Stoika R. The use of hydrophilic poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) for promoting engulfment of magnetic gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles by mammalian cells // J. Biomedical Nanotechnology. – 2013. – Vol. 9, N 3. – P. 479–491 (IF=5.256)
  5. Filyak Ye., Finiuk N., Mitina N., Bilyk O., Titorenko V., Hrydzhuk O., Zaichenko A., Stoika R. A novel method for genetic transformation of yeast cells using oligoelectrolyte polymeric nanoscale carriers // BioTechniques. – 2013. – Vol. 54, N 1. – P. 35–43. (IF=2.962)
  6. Chaurio R, Janko C, Schorn C, Maueröder C, Bilyy R, Gaipl U, Schett G, Berens C, Frey B, Munoz LE. UVB-irradiated apoptotic cells induce accelerated growth of co-implanted viable tumor cells in immune competent mice. Autoimmunity 2013; 46:317-322. (IF=2.767)
  7. Ficen S. Z., Guler Z., Mitina N., Finіuk N., Stoika R., Zaichenko A., Ceylan S. E. Biophysical study of novel oligoelectrolyte based non-viral gene delivery systems to mammalian cells // Journal of Gene Medicine. – 2013. – Vol. 15, N 5. – P. 193–204 (IF=2.163)
  8. Prylutska S., Bilyy R., Shkandina T., Rotko D., Bychko A., Cherepanov V., Stoika R., Rybalchenko V., Prylutskyy Y., Tsierkezos N., Ritter U. Comparative study of membranotropic action of single- and multi-walled carbon nanotubes // Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering. – 2013. – Vol. 115. –P. 674–679 (IF=1.737)
  9. Lutsyk A.D., Ambarova N.A., Antonyuk V.O. Diabetic alteration versus postnatal maturation of rat kidney glycoconjugates: a comparative detection by lectin probes // Folia histochemica et cytobiologica – 2013.- V. 51, N 1- Р. 92 – 102 (IF=0.902)
  10. Hodovana O., Martovlos A., Hrynovets V., Hodovanyi O., Stoika R. Comparative evaluation of application of osteoplastic materials of various origin in surgical treatment of generalized periodontitis // Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2013. - V. 22, N5A. - P.44-47. (IF=0.543)
  11. Lootsik M., Lutsyk M., Stoika R. Nemeth-Kellner Lymphoma Is valid Experimental Model In Testing Chemical Agents for Anto-Lymphoproliferative Activity // Open Journal of Blood Diseases. – 2013. – Vol. 3. – P. 1–6.
  12. Stoika R., Boiko N., Senkiv Y., Shlyakhtina Y., Panchuk R., Finiuk N., Filyak Y., Bilyy R., Kit Y., Skorohyd N. Enhanced cytotoxicity of anticancer drug delivered by novel nanoscale polymeric carrier // Journal of Physics: Conf. Ser. – 2013. – Vol. 429. – P. 12–28.
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  25. Holub O., Chernyk Ya., Bilyy R., Holub N. Changes in the phenotypic characteristics on dystrophyn mutant of drosophila melanogaster under the impact of additional copies of genes nAchRα-30D, Cam, Sema-1a and Sema-2a // Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Biology. – 2013. – Issue 61. – P. 83–90.
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Chapters in Monographs:

  1. Sweet taste of cell death: role of carbohydrate recognition systems / R. Bilyy, R. Stoika // Biochemistry and Biotechnology for Modern Medicine. Ed. Acad. S.V. Komisarenko. Publishing House of Моskalenko О. М., Kyiv, 2013. – P. 615-636.
  2. Yuriy Kit, Iryna Magorivska, Valentyna Chopyak, Yaroslav Tolstiak, Rostyslav Bilyy and Rostyslav Stoika. Novel Biological Activities of Autoantibodies as the Potential Markers of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus./ In "Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE): Prevalence, Pathophysiology and Prognosis". Eds.: Syuichi Koarada/ Nova Sci. Publ., Inc., Hauppauge – NY. 2013. P.1-10.


Methodological Manuals:

Antonyuk V.O. Pharmacognostic Basic of Phytotherapy (for students of pharmaceutic faculty). – Lviv. Danylo Halitsky Lviv National Medical University, 2013. 68 p.