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Features of admission to graduate school of foreigners and stateless persons


  1. Foreigners and stateless persons (hereinafter foreigners) are admitted to graduate school after earning a master's degree (educational qualification level of specialist) at the expense of funds legal or natural persons (under contract). An admission of foreigners to higher education institutions at the expense of the state budget is carried out within the limits of quotas for foreigners.

  2. For admission to graduate school, a foreigner should submit the following documents:
    1) an application form;
    2) the original and a copy of the master's degree (specialist);
    3) the original and copy of the diploma supplement;
    4) a copy of the birth document;
    5) a medical certificate of health status that was certified by an official health authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived and was issued no later than two months before departure for study in Ukraine;
    6) a copy of the alien's passport or identity card without citizenship;
    7) a valid health insurance policy;
    8) a copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if any);
    9) the list of published scientific works and inventions that is officially certified at the place of work (training) (if any).
    The documents referred to in paragraphs 2,3,4,6 must be translated into Ukrainian with a notarization of translation.

  3. Admission of documents to postgraduate study for foreigners is carried out during the year, and entrance tests are held in September – October of the current year.

  4. Entrance tests for postgraduate study of foreigners are:
    – entrance examination in the specialty (in the scope of the educational program of educational level masters of the relevant specialty);
    – entrance examination in the language of choice of a foreigner (Ukrainian, English), on the basis of which the selection committee concludes the level of knowledge by a foreigner of a language of instruction sufficient to master the educational material;
    – interview of a foreigner with a supposed scientific supervisor, according to the results of which the scientific supervisor makes a written conclusion about the foreigner's ability to conduct scientific study, as well as to earn a Ph.D.
    On the results of these tests, the Admissions Committee decides on the enrollment of foreigners to a graduate school.

  5. According to a decision of the Admissions Committee and order of the director of the Institute of Cell Biology of the NAS of Ukraine by November 01 of the current year, and after signing the contract on a provision of graduate services of the educational services, the foreigners are admitted to graduate school.